Family Therapy


Picture Of Kates paintings 066eIt is through positive family experiences and interactions that children are most likely to acquire their ‘secure base’, their internal structure and self-esteem that enables them to lead constructive and meaningful lives.

I actively engage with families to facilitate communication and understanding. The challenges that parents face are huge and often emotionally draining, particularly at a time when they are themselves facing so many competing demands and when the risks for their children are great. During these recessionary times family therapy is helping parents reach agreement on how to best intervene with and relate to their children and adolescents.

Much of my work with couples and families does involve parenting issues, and fostering better communication between parents and children/teenagers. Even if the children don’t attend the therapy the changes the parents make can have a great benefit for all the family. New conversations between family members opens up new insights and  stimulates new outcomes.

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