Addiction Counselling

P4030635In the late 1980’s Terence trained as an Addiction Counsellor with the Hazelden Foundation, USA, where a great emphasis was placed on understanding the family and relationship dynamics that come into play when someone is experiencing problems with alcohol, other substances, or activities.

Over time people can develop a compulsive, obsessive relationships with medication, gambling, food, sex, work, or the internet leading to painful consequences for themselves and others.

Counselling can help a person deal with the consequences and talk about underlying issues that often foster self-destruction, or self-neglect. As the clouds lift it is important people have support and encouragement. Family therapy often plays a key part in helping couples and families move on from the past, and where possible, reconcile and feel more fulfilled.

Terence was an Addiction Counsellor with Aiseiri Treatment Centres, Cahir and Wexford. He was closely involved in running their highly regarded Aftercare Services. His training as a Systemic Therapist at the Mater Hospital’s Family Therapy & Child Guidance Clinic deepened his approach to working with couples and families.


He did additional training as a Group Therapist with Clouds House, Wiltshire where the emphasis was on helping adults cope and recover from the effects of growing up in a family where addictions had caused much confusion and trauma. Often by exploring, in a sensitive way, the upsetting experiences of childhood family life, people can come to understand their past, can avoid repeating the old patterns themselves and thereby foster enjoyable, fulfilling adult relationships.

When someone is involved in excessive, compulsive use of alcohol and drugs there are usually underlying issues which will need to be addressed. Often people have been hurt in various ways, or may have had troubled childhood experiences. People usually benefit from support in facing these issues so as to consolidate change. The involvement of a partner in the therapeutic work, and sometimes other family members can be very transformative and healing for the whole family.